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d3 Consulting covers a broad client scope

Private Equity, Growth & VC Funds

Throughout the first projects d3 Consulting has mainly advised Private Equity,  Growth and VC Funds during their digital due diligence processes. d3 covers an important part of the commercial due diligence process and thereby focuses on evaluating and optimizing the digital marketing capabilities of acquisition targets. This can both happen from outside-in and from inside-out.


Even though d3 Consulting specializes in advising professional Investment Funds as well as Venture Capital Funds and Family Offices with digital marketing due diligences, we also offer our services to consulting firms and d3 supports their clients with certain subprojects.

Startups & Growth Companies

Next to advising investors d3 Consulting offer its services to startup and growth companies. Thereby we help to optimize and develop professional (digital) marketing channels, teams & sales units. d3 supports startups and growth companies by building, operating and optimizing their performance marketing channels, SEO & content marketing strategy as well as CRM, tracking, web analytics and digital brand building.


When it comes to supporting startups d3 Consulting often accepts virtual shares (sweat equity) and thus can offer attractive daily rates at a reduced price. Thereby d3 Consulting engages in longterm relationships and supports its startup clients throughout their ongoing growth journey. In some cases we also invest our own money and support the companies as business angels.

Companies facing digital transformation

d3 Consulting supports companies that want to master and challenge digital transformation. Thereby d3 focuses on acquiring, converting and retaining customers throughout all relevant digital channels. We often start by evaluating the technical setup from tracking to business intelligence and data infrastructure.

In this context d3 Consulting can conduct benchmarking analysis that show our clients how they perform in comparison the their main competitors as well as digital leaders. In the next step we help to set up a digital road map and often support the operational management, e.g. as interim CMO. Furthermore we also focus on assessing the functional capabilities of the operational digital marketing and underlying tech teams.

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