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d3 Consulting


d3 Consulting stands for digital due diligence consulting and is a strategic consulting firm founded by Marc Schuler in 2022. d3 Consulting has specialized in assessing, developing and optimizing digital marketing capabilities for marketplaces, price comparison platforms, D2C and e-commerce players as well as B2B companies trying to acquire and retain customers through digital channels.

Thereby d3 Consulting covers areas like Performance Marketing, SEO & Content Marketing, CRM, Affiliate Marketing and digital Brand Building but also supports startups, growth companies and investors when it comes to assessing Tracking & Measurement as well as Web Analytics and general growth strategies.


Our main service scope focuses on assessing, developing and building digital marketing capabilities, especially for growth and startup companies. Thereby we focus on all relevant growth channels like SEA, SEO, CRM, digital Brand Building etc. but also help to evaluate and optimize tracking, measurement as well as web analytics. We believe every successful digital marketing strategy starts with a clean tracking and data management setup.

We both conduct inside-out and outside-in analysis. Our project scope ranges from only assessing digital marketing capabilities from outside-in to developing internal digital marketing skills and teams. Moreover we offer to audit and benchmark digital marketing readiness and evaluate growth potentials for our clients. We also engage in assessing and developing digital marketing teams and organizations.


Marc Schuler has founded d3 Consulting in 2022. In the last 12 years Marc has gathered multiple valuable experiences in the field of digital marketing and digital product development.


Before co-founding the Austrian comparison platform Marc has worked at Check24 as Head of Performance being responsible for a high 8-digit digital marketing budget. Furthermore Marc has worked 6 years at Google in multiple roles and was the responsible Industry Manager for price comparison platforms across DACH markets. Marc has started his career at a boutique strategy consulting firm and has studied business administration in Munich, Maastricht and Cape Town.

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